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Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group successfully achieved the "double half" business objective

Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group successfully achieved the "double half" business objective

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in the first half of the year, China North Industries group Inner Mongolia First Machinery Group Co., Ltd. firmly grasped the main tone of "stability, change and adjustment" in the face of the downward macroeconomic situation and the complex and volatile domestic and international market environment, Focusing on the period of the work conference at the beginning of the year and the various objectives, tasks and key work determined by the workers' Congress, we worked actively and hard to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties. Through the joint efforts of all cadres and workers, the overall operation maintained a stable operation situation, the operation quality and benefit level were steadily improved, and the "double half" task was successfully completed

the company's main business income, profit, added value, total labor productivity and other indicators have achieved more than half of the time and half of the task. EVA, cost rate, inventory occupation and other indicators have completed the budget indicators for the first half of the year, and successfully achieved the "double half" business goal

in order to achieve the business objectives of the first half of the year, the company locked in the business objectives, and under the leadership of "the whole value chain systematized lean management and graphic strategy", deeply promoted lean management, strengthened cost reduction and efficiency increase, ensured that costs and expenses were effectively controlled, and the business efficiency and operation quality were improved; In view of the very serious situation of military production and the heavy production task, the company firmly establishes the awareness of hardship and risk, takes a series of effective business organization measures around the annual set goals, strengthens the production organization, breaks through the narrow difficulties, and goes all out to organize the military production and management; In terms of civil products production, the company has strengthened the development of civil products market, accelerated the adjustment of product structure, and constantly done a good job in the current market development and long-term market development to ensure the smooth realization of the business objectives of civil products. They put market development in the primary position of the company's operation, compete in the market, grab orders, constantly increase market development efforts, comply with market demand, actively speed up the adjustment of product structure, and improve the ability to resist market risks. It is worth mentioning that the northern wind and thunder company achieved a profit of 2million yuan in the first half of the year, the first profit since 2008. At the same time, Yiji group also strengthened the control of "two funds" occupation, alleviated the pressure of operating cash flow, effectively prevented the time insurance at the junction with the collet if the business wind was damaged, and ensured that the business indicators in the first half of the year were achieved on schedule

the company has successfully achieved the "double half" business goal, and the overall operation has maintained a stable development trend. However, from the perspective of the company's annual operation, the subsequent situation will be more complex, the tasks will be more arduous, and the subsequent operation will also be more arduous and challenging. Therefore, all cadres and employees of the company will continue to maintain a sense of vigilance and hardship, mobilize all positive factors, concentrate, make persistent efforts, grasp key links, increase market development, further promote the "excellent project" of army equipment and strengthen safety control, Ensure that the business objectives of the third quarter and the whole year are successfully achieved

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