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Inner Mongolia has developed waste aluminum foil recycling technology

the "dry one-step" waste aluminum foil separation and recycling technology equipment developed by Baotou Chemical Research Institute of Inner Mongolia has passed the identification of relevant departments and obtained the patent right officially granted by the national patent office

aluminum foil composite paper is widely used in product packaging in tobacco, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries, and its consumption is increasing rapidly year by year, and its corner waste is also increasing. According to the preliminary investigation, the corner waste from cigarette factory packaging can not be used to refine aluminum because aluminum is bonded with paper, and it will not be able to make paper by 2020, so it will be abandoned and burned, which will not only pollute the environment but also waste resources. It is reported that using this technology and equipment, 300 kg of aluminum can be recovered per ton of waste aluminum foil paper and 600 kg of high-quality dry pulp. After inspection, aluminum can reach the second level of the national standard, and pulp can be used to make high-grade paper towels

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