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Inner Mongolia issued 23 local standards covering social governance, energy conservation and environmental protection

on October 17, the office of the people's Government of the autonomous region held a press conference and issued 23 local standards, including the general requirements for anti terrorist prevention and the code for the application of calcium silicate slag and fly ash stabilized material pavement base, covering important areas such as social governance, solid waste utilization, energy conservation and environmental protection

the sales volume of 20 anti peek items such as the general principles of anti terrorism prevention requirements climbed by 6% to 679 tons compared with the same period last year. The local standards for terrorism prevention cover 19 key departments and industrial fields in the region. They mainly stipulate the general requirements for anti-terrorism prevention and the regular cleaning of low-temperature thermostatic baths in relevant units, industries, places and other fields, and put forward the terms and definitions, overall requirements, important parts, normal anti-terrorism prevention Requirements for abnormal anti-terrorism prevention, response and disposal plan, inspection and rectification, etc. These 20 standards fill the gap in the standards for maintaining stability in the area of social management in our region, and play an important guiding role in building a multidimensional, integrated and coordinated anti-terrorism prevention system, establishing and improving an intensive, efficient and effective anti-terrorism practical work mechanism, and clarifying the content and work requirements of anti-terrorism management

at the meeting, the Inner Mongolia Bureau of quality supervision introduced three local standards, namely, the application specification of calcium silicate slag fly ash stabilized material pavement base course, the calcium silicate slag used in cement, and the calcium silicate slag composite mineral admixture used in concrete and mortar. The coal in some coalfields in central and Western Inner Mongolia is rich in aluminous minerals. On the other hand, the content of alumina in fly ash produced by coal combustion will affect the activity of materials, which is about 38% - 55%. Extracting alumina from high alumina fly ash can not only alleviate the tight supply of bauxite in China, but also be of great significance for the recycling of fly ash resources and environmental protection. These three local standards provide a scientific basis for the popularization and application of coal-based waste resources such as calcium silicate slag, and are of great significance in boosting the economic transformation and upgrading of Inner Mongolia

since the measurement method of shore hardness tester in 2014, our district has established 29 special standard systems covering four major fields: modern agriculture and animal husbandry, new industry, service industry, social management and public service. The standard coverage has been expanding, the standardization pilot demonstration effect is obvious, and the standardized information service ability has been significantly enhanced

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