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Inner Mongolia zw6 intelligent high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker

Inner Mongolia zw6 intelligent high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker gydlq7

or the auxiliary contact of the circuit breaker is not switched in place after tripping (closing), then the tripping (closing) circuit will always be in a charged state, and the opening and closing coils and electromagnetic closing coils will be burned out. Therefore, when replacing the new coil, it is also necessary to check the cause of the coil burning to completely eliminate the defect. ② When the energy storage motor is burnt out, it is necessary to replace it with a new one. There are three main reasons for the burnout of the energy storage motor: the relay and its auxiliary contact are damaged during the overcurrent of the energy storage motor, or the travel switch and its auxiliary contact of the energy storage are faulty, or the power of the energy storage motor is small. For example, when the travel switch and its auxiliary contact in series in the energy storage circuit fail to cut off the energy storage power supply, or when the relay or its auxiliary contact 49mx in series in the energy storage circuit is damaged as shown in the figure, the energy storage motor will be burned

when there is no mechanical anti jump device, an electrical anti jump device should be installed

the complete set of emergency trip signal circuit of circuit breaker is also relatively expensive, and it should be wired according to the "mismatch principle"

warning signals shall be installed for equipment that may have abnormal working conditions or faults

the power supply of spring operating mechanism and manual operating mechanism can be DC or AC, and the power supply of electromagnetic operating mechanism requires DC

circuit breakers are wired in front of the board, behind the board, plug-in and drawer. If users have no special requirements, they are supplied in front of the board. Front board wiring is a common wiring method

circuit breaker installation

wiring mode behind the board: the characteristics of wiring behind the board are that the circuit breaker can be replaced or repaired without rewiring, and only the previous power supply needs to be disconnected

Inner Mongolia zw6 intelligent high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker solution: call the power supply bureau and ask it to repair. If it is a new building, the developer will deliver the house when the circuit is not debugged successfully. At this time, it is often effective to complain to the power supply bureau about changing the high-level new material industry

reason 2. Short circuit

in a broad sense, short circuit is an extreme phenomenon of overload

short circuit refers to zero. 6. The operator should read the instructions carefully and contact the live wire directly without passing through the electrical appliance. At this time, a huge current (infinite) will be generated. This current can not only burn the electrical appliances instantly, but also kill and injure the users in minutes

therefore, if this happens, be sure to keep the circuit breaker disconnected until the fault is solved

then, how can we be sure of this problem? If it's hard to think that this is a company that can ldquo; Turn decay into strangeness rdquo; In high-tech enterprises, the electrical plug is blackened, the socket is blackened or sparks appear, or after unplugging all plugs, the circuit breaker still trips, it can be concluded that there is a short-circuit fault in the circuit

Inner Mongolia zw6 intelligent high voltage AC vacuum circuit breaker solution: after power failure, fix the wire at the lower end of the circuit breaker with a screwdriver. If the wiring post of the circuit breaker has sliding wire and other phenomena, the circuit breaker should be replaced in time

b is mainly used as the main switch of low-voltage incoming line, with short-circuit short-time delay protection. It works with the lower circuit breaker to make current selectivity, so it needs ICW (

rated short-time withstand current), because it needs to carry short-circuit current for a certain period of time

these are two circuit breakers of the same brand. Knowing the above parameters, we can judge that the breaking capacity of the two circuit breakers is different. Of course, the price is also different

the cooperation between the circuit breaker and the circuit breaker should consider the instantaneous release action value of the upper circuit breaker, which should be greater than the expected short-circuit current at the outlet end of the lower circuit breaker. If the short-circuit current value difference is small due to the small difference in the impedance value of the circuit elements at the short circuit at the two-stage circuit breaker, the upper circuit breaker can choose the release with short time delay

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