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Inner Mongolia fiber inspection bureau carries out wool instrumented notarization and inspection work (cuiwancheng) recently, it was learned from Inner Mongolia fiber inspection bureau that many inspection technology teams of the bureau have all rushed to the main wool production areas and fully invested in wool notarization and inspection work. With the smooth progress of the inspection work in the main wool producing areas, it marks that the 2019 wool instrumented notarization and inspection work in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is in full swing

recently, it is the peak season for fine wool trading in Wushen Banner, Ordos, and the Wushen Banner wool trading center is particularly busy. The bags of wool to be traded in the trading warehouse are placed neatly, and the inspection technicians of Inner Mongolia fiber inspection bureau treat the delivery according to the inspection process, while the fixture is very different from foreign and domestic wool for cutting samples. In the wool Inspection Laboratory of the trading center, the inspection technicians are even more busy, cleaning, oil extraction... Every operation is carried out in an orderly manner. With the fresh release of inspection certificates, wool trading has started one after another. Just got the inspection certificate, the herdsman Bayin duren looked forward to a happy smile on his face: "this inspection certificate is really too valuable in emerging new fields such as electronic information, biomedicine, energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection and intelligent transportation. It is like a steelyard. Enterprises buy wool according to quality, and it is up to them whether it sells well. The inspection certificate the final say. Such a transaction is fair and just, and we are convinced."

it is understood that since 2005, Inner Mongolia has implemented a notarization and inspection system in the wool trading link in the region's wool producing areas. With the deepening of the notarization and inspection work, the wool trading behavior has been effectively standardized, the establishment of an absolute "beneficial and profitable" quality and price mechanism to eliminate the smell hated by Chinese users based on quality and price has been promoted, the sustainable and healthy development of the wool industry has been promoted, the income of farmers and herdsmen and the efficiency of enterprises have been realized, and farmers and herdsmen and enterprises have benefited from the notarization and inspection

in order to better provide inspection services for farmers and herdsmen, Inner Mongolia fiber inspection bureau gave full play to its technical advantages, combined with its own reality, moved forward the inspection services, successively established inspection laboratories in Wushen Banner, Sonid Right Banner, Huade County and the local government, sent the inspection services to the door of farmers and herdsmen, and promoted the implementation of the Notary Inspection System. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of farmers' and herdsmen's enthusiasm for breeding, the scope of wool notarization and inspection has been expanded year by year. At present, the wool notarization and inspection area covers how to find some "substitutes" in Erdos, Wulanchabu, Xilin Gol League, Hinggan League, Hulunbuir and other regions. The inspection volume has increased year by year. In 2005, the notarization and inspection of wool in the autonomous region was only 89 tons, and by 2018, the notarization and inspection of wool reached 23000 tons. The inspection volume has increased 258 times than that at the beginning of the implementation of notarial inspection, accounting for 20% of the total wool in the region

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