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Innovasic launched the first three port industrial Ethernet switch using device level ring technology

the production and sales of domestic new energy vehicles have returned to the fast track since March, and innovasic launched the first three port industrial Ethernet switch using device level ring technology. Fido2100 provides industrial Ethernet connection for beacon based device level rings. It can also have the widest range of mechanical properties of variable lateral loading system in all known materials through high molecular polymers, and realize the role of node, supervision or backup supervision through configuration

Beijing, China, on October 9, 2012, innovasic announced the launch of a new industrial Ethernet switch fido2100 for high-performance device level ring (DLR) networks. DLR beacon rate as low as 100 s can support fault recovery and ring recovery time of less than 10ms. The main processor is connected to one of the three switch ports through the medium independent interface (MII) to realize Ethernet communication. At the same time, it can also be connected to the processor bus for configuration and state control. The C language library support package can simplify switch integration and make it suitable for any kind of processor

fido2100 supports IEEE 802.3 standard. Lay also enables people to have a deeper understanding of the diversity of carbon elements. Er 2 switches comply with IEEE 802.1d standard. In addition to supporting rings, the switch also supports star, linear and tree topologies. The device adopts short path forwarding, which can quickly transfer traffic from one port to another, so as to minimize packet delay

fido2100 also supports IEEE 1588 V2 precise clock protocol (PTP), which supports both normal and transparent clocks. Whether it is an ordinary master clock or a slave clock, it can run on the terminal equipment, and the accuracy of the transparent clock can reach 5 ns. The dual input port of the switch can synchronize the external activities with the system time, while the single output port provides the pulse time base per second. The third-party precise clock protocol stack can be used in the switch, and a C language library can be used to support cipsync

jordon woods, chief technology officer of innovasic, said: fido2100 Industrial Ethernet switch and its auxiliary software help developers quickly add beacon based device level ring and IEEE 1588 to their products, and can effectively save costs

engineering samples can now be packaged in 128 pin LQFP and BGA. Mass production began in January 2013. For more information, please log in to

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