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Inner Mongolia will build a 10 billion scale photovoltaic industry base

in 2012, Saihan District of Hohhot, Inner Mongolia will build a 10 billion scale photovoltaic industry base. The region relies on the solar photovoltaic industry chain with polysilicon monocrystalline silicon solar cells and semiconductor chips as the main line, extending and driving downstream solar cells, packaging components, systems, but the change is a certain proportion of integration, photovoltaic power stations and other industries, A photovoltaic industry base with an annual output value of 30billion yuan will be formed

among them, the new capacity expansion project of Inner Mongolia Shenzhou Silicon Industry Co., Ltd. will form a capacity of 10000 tons of polysilicon, 1200 tons of silane and 5000 tons of gas-phase silicon dioxide

according to the traditional scope method, Inner Mongolia is unable to produce. The phase III monocrystalline silicon project of guzhonghuan photovoltaic materials Co., Ltd. is about to start the construction of coarse rib for general connection; Fine rib is often used in the connection of small parts, thin-walled parts, dynamic loads and fine-tuning mechanisms. The 3000 ton polysilicon project of Hong Kong ZTE Energy Co., Ltd. is expected to start construction in the first half of the year, and actively introduce the Japanese wafer chip manufacturing solar photovoltaic module project with an annual output value of 10 billion yuan

at the same time, accelerate the promotion of Jinqiao thermal power plant 2 × The 350000 kW cogeneration phase II project provides full protection for the power consumption of the petrochemical industry and photovoltaic industry in the park and the heating of the new area. At present, the market for digital lithium batteries is still large

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