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Inner Mongolia electric tool factory

Abstract: it sells all kinds of electric tools, hardware, electromechanical appliances, electric material welding equipment and auxiliary materials, wire and cable steam protection tools and equipment, as well as maintenance services

contact: Xie Haiyang contact:

contact address: Qipanjing Town, etok banner, Inner Mongolia

Abstract: welcome to the hardware and electrical Hohhot station, curve saw, electric planer, electric hammer, angle grinder, electric circular saw, trimming machine, pistol drill, lawn mower Sanding machine series, car waxing machine series, rechargeable Mini Drill series, hot air gun series, electric grinding head series, electric tool maintenance, electric tool rental, garden tools, high-pressure cleaning machine, lawn mower, electric chain saw, electric chain saw, angle grinder, winding machine, wire arranging machine, chain electric hoist, hydraulic lifting table, elevator, lifting platform, aerial work machinery

contact person: hardware electromechanical call and corresponding alarm light on contact:

contact address: hardware electromechanical Hohhot

Abstract: electric welding machine, three box cutting machine, aluminum sawing machine, marble machine, angle grinder, sanding machine, straightening machine, electric hammer, electric pick, electric circular saw, curve saw, electric hand drill, electric hand planer, spray gun, air cannon Air pump, etc.

Contact: Zhang Weizhong contact:

contact address: No. of Tongdao North Street, Hohhot City

Abstract: professional wholesale of all kinds of electric tools, drill bits, electric welding machines, cutting machines, hammers, electric drills, water pumps, grinding machines, vibration equipment, electric tools, hardware tools, bull sockets, rubber hoses, wires, cables, lead wires, garden nails Plastic basin

contact: Li Quansheng contact:

contact address: West of the road 200 meters north of nanchafang, Yuquan District, Hohhot City

Abstract: the business scope is imported, and the country will change to the ground state in 10-8 seconds and jump to a lower energy level. The production of electric tools, electric hammers of Engineering soldiers, electric CFRP account for more than 80% of pickaxes, Red Bull angle mills, dolomite machines, ouben electric drills, electric hammer drills, polishing machines, cutting pieces, water heating valves, rubber wheels Electrical switch

contact: Sun Longzhu contact:

contact address: Hohhot channel North Street power supply is called the south of Delixi building opposite the Impact Energy Bureau

Abstract: Wholesale and retail electric hammers, angle grinders, trimming machines, cleaning machines, engraving machines, grinding machines, air compressors, electric welding machines, threading machines, curve machines, electric circular saws Cutting machine

Contact: lizhibing contact:

contact address: No. 32, Tongdao North Street, Hohhot, Inner Mongolia

Abstract: professional wholesale and import, domestic electric tools, road cutting blades, water drills, electric tool accessories, spray guns, air pumps, welding machines, Xianke saw blades

Contact: Hu zhe contact:

contact address: Tongdao South Street, Huimin District, Hohhot

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