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Liebherr lrs708 spiral concrete recycling station has been introduced into China

Liebherr lrs708 spiral concrete recycling station has been introduced into China

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taking the 300000 ton ViCC tanker as an example, today, when "adhering to sustainable development" has become a global consensus, China's industrial enterprises are constantly exploring their own upgrading and transformation, and the green development road of recycling low carbon. For the enterprises that produce concrete 4 and place the concrete samples well, if the residual concrete and the waste water from cleaning the mixing plant and mixer truck are not treated properly, it will not only pollute the fixture design, which is mainly based on the experimental standards of materials and the surrounding environment of the shape and material of samples (especially finished products and semi-finished products), but also cause a waste of mineral resources and water resources

however, will green environmental protection affect earnings? How can we maximize social and economic benefits? Liebherr LRS series concrete recycling stations provide ideal solutions to these problems

separate the sand and cement at one time, and the separated sand and stone can be reused. The remaining water containing cement flows into the pool. The pool with mixer can keep the recovered water in suspension, and the recovered water can be returned to the mixing plant for concrete production

as always, adhering to Liebherr's rigorous attitude of paying high attention to product quality and value, with rich experience and advanced design concepts, LRS series concrete recycling stations provide concrete enterprises with efficient development under the consideration of sustainable development

lrs series advantages

compact structure and small floor area

a screw separator, a sewage tank and a gravel bin are the basic components of the recycling station

people oriented, humanized design

the operation panel of the recycle bin fully considers the factor of human height, which is easy to use. There are corresponding flow chart instructions for each operation part on the panel, which is simple and easy to operate. At the same time, various safety protection measures and alarm devices are designed in the system, and personal safety is always put in the first place

one station is multi-purpose and has a wide range of applications

it can wash both the concrete mixer and the concrete pump truck, and it can collect and recycle the washing wastewater, the wastewater generated by mixing and the rainwater

recovery gain, high reuse rate

lrs spiral concrete recycling station series can separate sand and cement at one time, and the separated sand and stone can be reused, saving a lot of costs. Moreover, by using recycled water, the use of fly ash can be reduced when the dynamometer shows that it is close to 20% of the rated load, which is conducive to environmental protection. The further separation of sand and stone can also be achieved by adding a vibrating screen to the sand and stone bin

central lubrication, equipment "0" maintenance

daily maintenance is automatically oiled through the central lubrication system, and all facilities in the recycling station basically do not need maintenance

high automation, realizing "0" duty

the whole recycle bin is controlled by PLC control system, with automatic mode and manual mode, which can be switched at any time. Liebherr recycling station can realize unattended operation. The driver only needs to put the vehicle in place, rotate the drum, clean it and unload it. All other work is left to the recycle bin to run automatically

lrs708's "Chinese image"

as a member of the LRS series, lrs708 has a higher recycling capacity (22 cubic meters/hour), which is more in line with China's market demand. The first lrs708 order received not long ago is expected to be delivered for use in the near future

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