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Liebherr: work together to build a success

Yunnan Hualian zinc indium Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hualian zinc indium") is a state-owned holding enterprise under Yunnan Tin Industry Group (holding) Co., Ltd., which integrates mining, beneficiation and smelting. Its predecessor is the Dulong tin mine in Wenshan Prefecture, which was founded in 1958. Hualian zinc indium has mineral resources with rich reserves and great potential value: four mining rights and four exploration rights, with a mining area of 32.41 square kilometers. Among them, the reserves of rare and precious metal indium (5699 tons) owned by only one mining right ranks first in the country, the reserves of tin metal (300000 tons) ranks third in the country, and the reserves of zinc metal (3.24 million tons) ranks third in the province. The elimination method: cleaning pendulum bearings, gear rods, pointers, and wire wheels. At the same time, the ore veins and ore belts extending around have great prospecting potential and high potential development value

under the guidance of the concept of building a "large-scale, digital and modern" green open-pit mine, "world-class polymetallic concentrator" and indium product deep processing base, Hualian zinc indium has always maintained a forward-looking concept and deliberate prudence in the selection of equipment

at the beginning of 2013, in order to meet the needs of expanding production, Hualian zinc indium determined that Liebherr's 15 cubic meter electric hydraulic shovel excavator r9250e was the ideal model they needed after repeated comparison and calculation, and introduced two sets in succession. Due to the high production demand of the mine, these two machines operate continuously 24 hours a day, and their production efficiency is far higher than that of other brands of equipment used by customers. According to the customer's own statistical data, the production cost per ton is only about the price of local kilowatt hour (0.43 yuan/kWh), while the customer previously used equipment of other brands, and its production cost per ton is about 0 8 yuan! This is equivalent to using Liebherr equipment to save 0.32 yuan per ton of output, not to mention that due to the high efficiency of R 9250e - four buckets can fill a 100 ton dump truck, which greatly reduces the waiting time of the truck, greatly improves the efficiency of the entire mining fleet, and saves a lot of truck fuel consumption. One of the most cost-effective places will have the opportunity to get cheap money

due to the excellent performance of r9250e, Hualian zinc introduced r9350e with a bucket capacity of 18 cubic meters in 2014 because it can adopt mature semiconductor technology to prepare indium, and purchased two 30 ton r934c earth hydraulic excavators as auxiliary equipment in 2016

Hualian zinc indium introduced Liebherr r9350e electric hydraulic shovel excavator

Hualian zinc indium not only benefited from the use of Liebherr mining equipment, but also continuously introduced its advanced experience and mining concept to brother companies and mining peers; Mining companies and design institutes from all over the country also continue to visit and study. It is out of the personal experience and clear understanding of Liebherr's equipment, as well as the resulting satisfaction and long-term cooperation intention that Hualian zinc indium and Liebherr discussed and drafted a strategic contract agreement: on the one hand, as loyal users, they continue to consolidate and improve the operation and maintenance skills of their own operation team, popularize Liebherr's equipment knowledge, and on the other hand, they also serve as a model, It has become a demonstration base for Liebherr products in the mining industry and is jointly committed to long-term close cooperation and win-win cooperation. This proposal not only conforms to the interests of both sides, but also lays a solid foundation for further expanding bilateral cooperation in the future

Hualian zinc indium Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Liebherr Shanghai company

on September 13, 2016, a delegation of 6 representatives of Hualian zinc indium group visited Liebherr's French mining equipment factory and talked with rdquo on the spot; He Guoliang signed the "strategic cooperation agreement" with Na Deming, general manager of Liebherr Shanghai, who presented the third-party test report, marking that the cooperation between the two sides officially entered a new stage, and worked together to build success

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