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Lifting machinery and equipment management is practical, and the safety production of the project is guaranteed.

recently, domestic tower cranes, construction elevators and other accidents have occurred frequently. In order to ensure the safe operation of the lifting equipment of the project, from April 28 to 30, the equipment material Department of the third branch of the fourth construction company of Hebei Construction Engineering Group went to Weixian County, Xingtai, Jiangxi shengta and other projects to carry out special inspection and management of the lifting machinery and equipment

Weixian and shengta projects are high-rise residential and commercial complex buildings, with 9 tower cranes, 8 construction elevators and 7 hanging baskets. Almost all the lifting equipment of the branch are distributed in these two projects. Plastic flexible packaging is the main utilization field of composite polyurethane adhesive, and both are in the peak period of construction. The utilization rate of machinery is very high. If the management is not in place, it is easy to have safety accidents

at present, the construction task of high-rise exterior wall of Weixian project is large, and seven sets of hanging baskets are in operation. Whether the hanging system of hanging baskets is normal or not is related to the safety of the whole equipment. When arriving at the construction site, the equipment department first went to the roof of the building to inspect each hanging basket suspension mechanism. On the one hand, the closure of a large number of level 3 carton factories caused the order to be transferred to the level 2 carton factory for detailed inspection. The front support support was firmly connected to the building body, the weight of counterweights met the requirements, the accessories were not damaged, and the upper limit position was installed sensitively and effectively. During the inspection, the personnel of the equipment department carefully tested and inspected the anti falling safety lock and safety belt facilities in the construction basket. Then, the stress bars of the cage of the construction elevator, the corner connection points, the speed limiter, the leakage protection device, and the operator's certificates were carefully checked. After inspection, the basket anti falling safety lock is effective, and the safety belt hanging facilities are complete and meet the requirements; The stressed bars and corner connection points of the cage of the construction elevator are firm without abnormalities; The governor operates normally and the leakage protector is sensitive and effective; The operator's certificate is one, and there is no violation

Jiangxi is in the rainy season, and thunderstorms and gales occur from time to time, affecting the safety of tower cranes. After the equipment department arrived at the site, the six tower cranes were carefully inspected. During the inspection, the technician first detects the verticality of the tower crane with a theodolite, and the deviation is within the specified range. At the same time, the personnel of the equipment department carefully checked the safety of the anti decoupling device of the tower crane, whether the hook rotates flexibly, and whether the steel wire rope is broken and bent. Then go up the ladder through the tower crane, and carefully check whether the standard section and accessories are rusted and deformed, whether the bolts of the standard section are loose, whether the tower crane access platform, handrail and retainer are firm and reliable, and whether the safety limit sensitivity and other links. After testing, the hook anti falling device is safe and effective, the steering is flexible, the steel wire rope buckle is fastened, and there is no bending and breaking strand. The standard section, handrail and retainer, safety device and circuit of the tower crane meet the standards, which are firm, safe, sensitive and meet the requirements

the equipment department also carefully checked the equipment registration certificate, permit registration certificate, lease contract, safety management agreement, installation and disassembly plan, technical disclosure and 4. Daily inspection records with power failure addition function of the two projects, and corrected problems in time

through this governance activity that the specific error should not exceed the regular error value of the experimental machine, the safety awareness and awareness of operators were further improved, and the safety production of the project was effectively promoted. (Tan shuran, Li Xiaoli)

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