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Liebherr offshore cranes will be used in the construction of Azerbaijani oil platforms

[exclusive compilation of China's road machinery] in August 2020, Rostock Liebherr mccte crostoke Co., Ltd. of Germany signed a contract with Omid babek operation company, and Liebherr will deliver four (BOS) series of new offshore cranes to the other party. The order includes two BOS 2600 with a maximum lifting capacity of 45 tons and a body of 30 meters, and two BOS 4200 with a body of 40 meters and a lifting capacity of 50 tons

Liebherr's BOS series is best known for its modular design, using standardized components to achieve maximum reliability. As Stefan Schneider, general offshore crane sales director, confirmed, this is an important factor for successful signing

uboc chose Liebherr and BOS series to combine several advantages of their platform, including the mature crane design with a wide range of functions. In addition, our local service station in Azerbaijan can provide very flexible on-site customer service. Our technicians can arrive on the platform within 24 hours

the design of the crane will be certified by American Bureau of shipping (ABS) and will cover the requirements of API design specifications. BOS 2600 and 4200 have a lattice arm. The maximum working extension of the main hoist is 48 meters and that of the auxiliary hoist is 53 meters. These two cranes adopt electro-hydraulic power and are equipped with Liebherr litronic. The control system independently developed by Liebherr litronic is the core of accurate crane operation. Among the many crane functions, one is the 360 degree unlimited turning radius, the remote control device for emergency operation under the same output and melt quality, and the special support function of the crane control system for the crane operator

the cooperation with uboc is also the first initiative of Liebherr, because it is the first time in the history of the company to sell offshore cranes directly to Azerbaijan. According to the contract, the four BOS cranes will be produced from Liebherr in Rostock, Germany, in 2021. The polymer with a bio base content of up to 20 (2) 5% will be delivered to uboc

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