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The all-round solution to the life cycle of life cycle (IDC) - Emerson's overall computer room - informatization and digitalization have become one of the important and key means for various industries to improve speed, efficiency and benefit. The increasingly mature global informatization and digitalization provide methods, means and standards for us to pursue benefits

1. The trend of global informatization

1) digitalization

the business, process, operation, management, etc. of enterprises, and all relevant activities are digitalized

2) paperless

in the past, the order mode based on fax and can not meet the requirements of digitalization. Various activities of enterprises or organizations are carried out automatically through the computer network, and the office mode is changed to paperless office

3) centralized

decentralized informatization cannot form scale effect, and information island cannot bring speed and efficiency improvement. The current trend of informatization is centralized management, centralized storage, centralized transmission and centralized exchange, which brings the centralized effect of informatization, which is reflected in the rise of data centers (IDC)

2. Model of data center

a) physical model of data center

the role and purpose of data center is to complete centralized management, centralized storage, centralized transmission and centralized exchange of information, so as to achieve centralized benefits of information

in the data center, there are two levels of platforms: network platform and power platform

function and function of network platform:

information processing

information exchange

information transmission

information storage

function and function of power platform:

provide reliable energy

provide pure energy

provide a safe operating environment

b) life cycle model of data center

Emerson believes that in the life cycle of data center (IDC), There is a cyclical process from demand - Planning - implementation and opening - operation - capacity expansion - renewal and transformation. The following figure shows the life cycle model of the data center defined by Emerson:

in the life cycle model, every link is indispensable. In the process of data center implementation, the most easily ignored and despised is the demand analysis and planning stage

3. Emerson Network Energy's data center life cycle all-round solution

the data center is divided into two levels: the network level and the power level. The life cycle of each level is the same, including demand planning implementation and opening up operation capacity expansion update and transformation

every life stage of the data center is crucial and indispensable. Among them, the demand analysis and planning stage is particularly easy to be ignored, which must be paid enough attention

with its comprehensive global resources, Emerson Network energy can solve any problem in the power level of data centers in any corner of the world. As an industry leader in the consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of gear rod integrated solutions for the power room of the data center, Emerson serves the economy and society connected by the network, Provide all-round solutions for the life cycle of the data center:

provide all-round solutions for the life cycle of Emerson data center, including:

A) demand stage - provide technical consulting services

Emerson Network energy provides technical consulting, medium and long-term planning, overall project design suggestions, etc. for the data center at the power level of the data center to help users collect, refine and analyze demand information

b) planning stage - providing scheme planning and design services

the dynamic level of the data center, and its planning is particularly important. Compared with the network level, once the planning is wrong, the whole data center will not be able to use normally, or lead to frequent failures in operation, which will bring immeasurable losses to users

based on more than 40 years of experience in the IT network, Emerson fully provides the full life cycle planning services of the data center according to the development trend of the data center

the main principles of planning are: long-term planning, phased and step-by-step implementation. Its main meaning includes two parts that should be installed with new gaskets attached to the experimental machine:

1) according to the long-term needs of the data center, plan the whole data center at one time. For the parts that cannot be expanded or are difficult to expand, such as the total space, the overall layout, power cables, the total capacity of municipal electricity, diesel generator system, etc., they should be built in place at one time

2) according to the implementation steps of the data center, the expandable parts are implemented in stages and steps, such as low-voltage system, UPS system, battery system, machine room air conditioning system, monitoring system, fire protection and lighting subsystems. These systems are implemented in stages and steps to save investment

the planning and implementation method of one-time planning and phased and step-by-step implementation in the long term is similar to the lane planning principle of expressway, which is based on the traffic flow, one-time planning and design, phased and step-by-step implementation

for example, the Beijing Zhuhai Expressway in the north-south direction of our country is planned and requisitioned according to the two-way six lane plan. In the first phase, only two-way four lane plan will be laid, and in the second phase, two more lanes will be laid according to the traffic volume. When the long-term planning cannot meet the needs, another expressway will be built instead of continuing to expand the capacity on the original subgrade

the planning of the data center is similar to this: according to the foreseeable long-term demand, the planning is completed at one time and implemented by stages and steps. When the long-term planning cannot meet the requirements, another data center needs to be built

this method is different from the building block construction method: the building block construction method does not consider the maximum bearing capacity of the system, and blindly adds, which eventually leads to the system collapse

c) implementation and opening stage - providing delivery and training


equipment delivery

project management moving beam automatically interrupts movement (or automatically returns to the initial position) management

engineering construction

Quality Supervision

commissioning and opening

user training

d) operation stage - providing

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