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How about liectroux/LYKES S600 floor sweeping robot, sharing experience

Germany liectroux/LYKES S600 floor sweeping robot intelligent vacuum cleaner large water tank wet mop machine floor cleaner cleaning household

kilopascal large suction large water tank mop UV sterilization appointment cleaning

first use experience: Generally speaking, it is easy to use, sweeping, sucking and mopping, which is very clean and really easy Now we clean up after work every day, and the extra time is our world of two After cleaning the machine, you will find a strong anti cyclical charging seat and go back to charge it yourself

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product parameters:

Product Name: liectroux products are mainly used for automotive interior and exterior decoration and aviation, high-speed rail, marine composite profiles/LYKES S2 Learn about the installation steps 600

brand: liectroux/LYKES

model: S600

dust box capacity: 0.3L

whether it is automatically charged: Yes

intelligent type: other intelligent

maximum height: 9cm

battery capacity: 2000mAh

collision protection: mechanical + electronic double-layer protection

Product number: S600

the applicable surface test can be carried out in the shoe waist area that usually has no pattern.Area: 150m^2 and above

applicable area: ㎡

additional functions: no

color classification: Black

appearance modeling: sweeping robot

function: sweeping suction

cleaning route: planning

whether with remote control: Yes

whether there is regular reservation function: Yes

LCD: Yes

whether there is virtual wall: Yes

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