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Liebherr r954c delivers Beijing Kaisheng Algeria adral cement project

Liebherr r954c delivers Beijing Kaisheng Algeria adral cement project

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in August 2016, Liebherr and China building materials Bengbu Glass Industry Design and Research Institute signed a purchase contract for two sets of r954c for the Algeria STG cement production line project of Beijing Kaisheng Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. The equipment, manufactured by Liebherr France, was delivered to port Oran, Algeria, in November 2016 and put into use in February 2017

Liebherr r954c delivered to Beijing Kaisheng AER and stored relevant information) and lya adral cement project

Algeria adral 4200t/d cement project is located in southern Algeria adral City, with a design capacity of 4200 tons of clinker per day and 1.5 million tons of ordinary silicate cement per year (including 200000 tons of oil well cement)

the scope of work includes a full set of production lines from mining to the shipment of finished cement products. China building materials Beijing Kaisheng Building Materials Engineering Co., Ltd. undertakes engineering design, equipment supply, civil construction, equipment installation, personnel training, production commissioning and standard assessment services

Liebherr excavator

the project has been tracked since June 2014. In March 2016, the public bidding was held, and a total of eight domestic and foreign brands participated in the bidding. Finally, Liebherr r954c won the bid with its global performance, equipment performance, after-sales service and other advantages

Liebherr r954c is widely used in coal mines, metal mines, cement mines and other industries. As the main shovel loading equipment in mine production, r954c has won high recognition and favor from customers with its high stability, high productivity and low fuel consumption

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in terms of power, Liebherr r954c is equipped with Liebherr's own brand d936l engine. The power of d936l is 240 kW, which is connected with the excavator control system by CAN-bus bus. It can adjust the engine output power according to the load demand, and has the function of automatic idling when idle

Liebherr R9 is constantly advancing towards a better future for mankind. The cooling system of 54C is very characteristic. It is composed of two heat dissipation modules in parallel, which are arranged on the right side, including the plunger rod, plunger plug, finger flange and closed system for the engine. The assembly of cop syringe body cooling liquid radiator, hydraulic oil radiator, intercooler, gearbox lubricating oil radiator, fuel cooler and air conditioning evaporator is completed. This design avoids multi-layer arrangement of radiators as far as possible, making the heat dissipation effect better. Each heat dissipation module has a fan driven by a hydraulic motor. At the same time, the cooling fan motor is in an independent closed circuit, driven by a separate hydraulic pump, and the control system controls the operation of the fan according to the data of multiple temperature sensors

r954c's fuel tank, hydraulic oil tank and hydraulic pump are arranged on the left. The hydraulic system is different from products of the same level. It adopts an independent closed swing circuit, and the swing motor is driven by a separate swing pump. This design often only appears on excavators above 100 tons. The advantage is that it can ensure the priority of rotation function, flexible action, help to improve productivity, and make full use of engine power

cope with harsh working conditions

in addition, the boom and stick cylinders of r954c are equipped with safety check valves and integrated with advanced regeneration function. During the non-pressure decline of boom or stick, hydraulic oil can enter the low-pressure chamber directly through the high-pressure chamber through the pipe, avoiding passing through the main control valve, so as to reduce energy loss and shorten the cycle time. At the same time, the oil cylinder also has the terminal buffer function, which can prolong the service life

in order to cope with severe working conditions, the boom and stick of r954c are made of a large number of steel castings and welded with high-strength steel plates, which are impact resistant and have a longer service life. According to the working conditions of users, r954c can be equipped with working devices such as front and back shovels and lengthening arms, and the bucket capacity can be selected from 3 cubic meters to 3.3 cubic meters

the bucket shape is designed perfectly, with the characteristics of deep excavation and high filling rate. The pin shaft is also designed with sealing and low maintenance. In addition, it is also equipped with a new Liebherr Z-type self sharpening bucket tooth system to ensure a strong excavation capacity during long-term operation. The chassis adopts a high-strength chassis with strong structure and large bearing capacity. The molded double tooth sprocket has a longer service life and a low failure rate

Liebherr r954c excavator

in terms of safety protection, the windshield and skylight of r954c are made of impact resistant safety glass. At the same time, various protective devices and systems required for quarrying operations can be added, such as: falling object protection device FOPS, anti rollover protection device ROPS, piston protection cover plate of control rod and bucket cylinder, protective lubrication hose and protective cover of slewing device

in order to facilitate daily maintenance and repair work, r954c is also equipped with Liebherr automatic centralized lubrication system. The driver only needs to manually maintain a small number of pins of the bucket and linkage mechanism

r954c is produced in Liebherr's Colmar factory in Alsace, France. All key parts are manufactured by Liebherr's factories all over Europe, and the product quality is more guaranteed. Liebherr has always adhered to the independent R & D and manufacturing of core components, which makes the matching of the whole machine better and ensures the economy of fuel consumption. Compared with other brands at the same level, the fuel consumption of r954c can be reduced by about 20%. Advanced design, excellent performance, reliable quality and perfect service enable this model to calmly cope with the harsh working environment, and create greater economic benefits for customers that can add catalyst according to the size of parts to further shorten the curing time

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