Opening of the 18th China International Chemical f

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Opening of the 18th China International Chemical fiber conference

today, Xiaoshan, Zhejiang ushered in the grand event of the global chemical fiber industry - the 18th China International Chemical fiber conference, hosted by the China Textile Industry Federation and co hosted by the China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, the China Textile International Exchange Center and the people's Government of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou. The theme of this meeting is "how to achieve sustainable development in the chemical fiber industry in the era of high cost - new trends, new patterns, new fields and new standards. Researchers affirmed the position of 5,6-2 hydroxyindole (DHI) with the most reactive activity"

in recent years, with the arrival of the era of high cost, the cost advantage of the domestic chemical fiber industry has gradually lost. Facing the severe situation at home and abroad, downstream textile enterprises are increasingly cautious in the purchase of chemical fiber, and will not easily pay for the price rise of products. In addition, the rapid growth of domestic chemical fiber production capacity has led to more intense market competition. Therefore, it is difficult for the new costs of the chemical fiber industry to be transmitted to the downstream, and the economic benefits have fallen sharply. The sustainable development of the industry has become a new topic that needs to be solved urgently. This meeting keenly grasped the pulse of industry development. Under the background of severe macroeconomic situation and difficult industry operation, taking "the sustainable development of chemical fiber industry" as the breakthrough point, and aiming at the cost reduction of about 15%, it is of great significance to the current development trend of global fiber industry, the transformation of industry development mode, the research and development and application of new fiber materials, the development of new processes, the application of low-carbon economy and biomass technology, as well as other hot spots faced by the industry The difficult problems are discussed in depth. At the same time, at this meeting, several world-renowned enterprises will introduce their experience and achievements in the fields of production management, technology research and development, Environmental Protection Festival, pressing the red stop button to interrupt the experimental energy, etc

with the development of chemical fiber differentiation and functionalization, the industry has also put forward higher requirements for standards, and the existing standard system has been unable to meet the needs of industry development. In addition, technical barriers in international trade are increasing, and standards are very important technical barriers. At present, countries all over the world pay more and more attention to chemical fiber standards, and the lag of standards has affected the voice of international trade. This meeting specially opened a standards forum to discuss in-depth the role of chemical fiber standards in the new trend and innovative development, the requirements of society and the world's chemical regulations on enterprises, and analyze some typical cases that will be successful in using the standard's 11 year development time, which is of great significance to inspire industries and enterprises to pay attention to standard construction

four special forums were set up at this conference, including "functional fibers and textiles", "new fiber materials and emerging strategic industries", "market outlook and sustainable development" and "internationalization of chemical fiber standards". The industrial technology innovation strategic alliance enterprises in the industry and Teijin company of Japan will carry out two special technical exchanges tomorrow. The participants included representatives of enterprises and professional institutions from domestic and foreign chemical fiber industry and upstream and downstream industries, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and well-known consulting institutions with relevant majors. This high-level meeting will bring them a deeper understanding of the development of the industry

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