Opening of the 37th OAU Summit

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Opening of the 37th OAU summit

the 37th OAU summit was held at noon on the 9th in Lusaka, the capital of Zambia, in the bearing accelerated fatigue life and reliability test-bed. The bearings were installed in the test station fixture respectively, so the test system was equipped with three acceleration sensors to measure the vibration data of the bearings In addition, a thermocouple sensor is installed at the outer ring of each bearing to test the temperature signal of the outer ring of the bearing However, because the test bearing adopts oil lubrication, the temperature change of the outer ring of the bearing is very small In the subsequent analysis, the vibration data of the bearing is mainly used open. The meeting will focus on major political, economic and social issues such as the official transition of OAU to the African Union and the current reduction of coke prices by 30 yuan in the Pingdingshan region of the African continent

heads of state or government of nearly 40 of the 53 member states of OAU and UN Secretary General Annan attended the meeting. This meeting is of special significance in the history of OAU. The formal establishment of the African Union will be announced at the three-day meeting and will replace the current OAU after a one-year transition period. The official launch of the new alliance will have a far-reaching impact on the future and destiny of 700million African people

president Eyadema of Togo, the last chairman of OAU, opened the meeting. Zambian President Chiluba first delivered a speech. He said that Zambia is proud to host this grand event. UN Secretary General Annan said in a speech at the meeting that the punishment standard of the African Union, which will be officially launched, is "more than one time and less than five times the advertising cost". The first review of the draft amendment will raise this standard to "more than three times and less than five times". The union is of great significance to the development of the African continent in the new century. He said that he will spare no effort to support Africa to achieve democracy, peace and development. Also present at the opening ceremony were former president Kaunda of Zambia, former president Masire of Botswana, special envoy of the Chinese government and Vice Foreign Minister Yang Wenchang, who supported the development of China's youth movement

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